Rumble presets cannot be deleted. They can, however, be cleared—meaning that the preset remains in place but is “emptied” of its original contents (control settings, amp model, effects). If it is part of a Setlist, the cleared preset will remain in the Setlist.

Note that when a preset is cleared, its original sequential number will remain in place, and it will by default contain only the “Studio Preamp” amp model (and its controls).

To clear a preset, first press the MENU utility button. Then turn the ENCODER to scroll to “CLEAR PRESET.” Press the ENCODER on “CLEAR PRESET.”

A list of presets will then appear with the preset to be cleared highlighted in red in the middle. Press the ENCODER on the red-highlighted preset to clear the preset.

 Mustang GT will then verify whether you want to clear the preset by prompting you to choose “YES” (clear) or “NO” (do not clear). This prompt will also note that clearing the preset may affect Setlists (if indeed that preset is included in a Setlist). Use the ENCODER to select “YES” or “NO,” and press the ENCODER on either option.

 On selecting “YES” (clear preset), the preset will remain in place but will automatically be re-titled “EMPTY.” If done clearing presets at this point, return to the main menu by pressing the top LAYER BUTTON corresponding to the onscreen prompt “BACK.” To return to the current (and now empty) preset, press the MENU utility button. As noted above, the now-cleared preset will contain only its original sequential number and the default “Studio Preamp” amp model.