“Global EQ” is a function located in the main menu of the Rumble that provides access to different equalization curves for easier adjustment of overall amp response to different acoustic environments. This can be helpful when favorite presets and settings are dialed in, but a bright or boomy sounding space requires some additional equalization. Rather than re-adjust each and every preset and setting, you can quickly select one of the different EQ profiles shaped to suit the surroundings at hand.

Activate this function by pressing the MENU utility button and using the ENCODER to scroll to and select “GLOBAL EQ” (see illustrations below).


To access the Global EQ function, first press the MENU utility button.



Use the ENCODER to scroll to and select “GLOBAL EQ.”



Turn the ENCODER to scroll to one of four “GLOBAL EQ” options.



Press the ENCODER to select a “GLOBAL EQ” option.