When your device is set up to connect to your amp directly over Bluetooth to stream audio, you may notice the Tone app slows down and takes longer to sync with the amp.


We recommend you limit usage to either Bluetooth audio streaming OR the Tone app to control your amp presets, so they don’t compete with each other.


To turn off Bluetooth audio streaming on your device, to improve performance of Tone



1. Open the Settings app

2. Select Bluetooth

3. You should see your Rumble amp, which should say “Connected”. Tap on the info icon.

4. Select Disconnect

5. When you’re ready to return to audio streaming over Bluetooth, come back to this menu and reconnect. You should then be able to select the Rumble as a Bluetooth device when streaming audio.



1. Open the Settings app

2. Under “Wireless & networks”, select Bluetooth

3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on

4. Next to the paired amp you’d like to disconnect audio streaming from, tap Settings

5. Unpair the selected device



To turn off Bluetooth connection from the Tone app, to improve performance of audio streaming


1. While the Tone app is connected to the amp, go to Settings

2. Select Bluetooth

3. Select your amp you’re trying to stream audio to

4. Tap on “Disconnect” at the bottom of the screen