We recommend giving your Mustang GT or Rumble digital amp access to WiFi so it can download its own firmware updates for the best experience possible. The Tone app makes it easier to enter your WiFi network password using an in-app keyboard.

Please ensure that your wifi network is available and password is entered correctly. If unable to use Tone to put your amp on wifi, use the amp directly to connect to WiFi under Menu > WiFi. Confirm that the amp is showing its wifi radio as "on".

Loading takes too long

If you see a continuous loading screen when accessing WiFi networks on either the app or amp, we recommend using the amp to do the following:

  1. Navigate to Menu > WiFi if you haven't already done so and note the continuous loading screen
  2. Scroll down once with the Encoder dial to see the lower green block change, then press the Encoder button to select it
  3. Now you should see a menu with options for SSID, Protocol, and Password.
  4. First, enter the SSID (your WiFi network name) using the Encoder
  5. Then, select your Protocol, which should be the only option other than None
  6. Finally, enter your WiFi network password using the Encoder
  7. Now select the Connect option at the bottom

At this point, you should be able to successfully connect to WiFi. If you're still having issues, please Submit a Request.

Amp crashes when accessing WiFi screen

If the amp crashes by redirecting to Preset 01, or restarting, when trying to access Menu > WiFi, this is a known bug in earlier firmware versions. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Move the amp to a location with fewer access points/available WiFi networks

If you're still having issues, please Submit a Request.