The Mustang GT amplifier and the Fender Tone app come pre-loaded with the below factory presets:


Preset NameDescription
Basic '65 TwinTHE classic clean guitar sound with a touch of reverb
Basic '65 PrincetonFender studio favorite with the snappy tone of a single 10" speaker
Basic '65 DeluxeHighly popular mid-’60s Fender tone whether clean or pushed into overdrive
Basic '57 ChampSmall but mighty late-’50s Fender recording tone
Basic '57 DeluxeMedium-power late-’50s Fender tweed classic with compressed tone
Basic '59 TwinThe sound of the original-era 2x12” tweed classic prized for its clean-to-dirty versatility
Basic '59 BassmanThe tight, raw sound that made guitarists "borrow" their bassist's amp
Basic BandmasterTriple-speaker Fender narrow-panel tweed classic known for crisp highs
Basic Brown DeluxeThe snarl of a 'brownface'-era Deluxe cranked into overdrive
Basic ExcelsiorAn elegantly eccentric modern-day Fender model with the distinctive "thump" of a 15" speaker
Basic '66 GA-15Inspired by a vintage '60s combo known for its cavernous "all wet" reverb setting
Basic '60s ThriftA garage-band gem, with grit and grunt prized by today's retro/alternative players
Basic Brit WattsA nice clean, round sound a la the classic cleaner-tone British stack
Basic British '60sThe clean-to-dirty tone which powered the British Invasion
Basis British '70sInspired by the late-’60s/early-’70s tone of hard rock
Basic British '80sQuintessential 1980s metal tone
Basic Brit ColourA thick, growling sound, perfect for sludgy riffing
Basic Super SonicAn example of a modern Fender amp with two cascading preamp gain stages for pronounced sustain
Basic '90s StackThis fat, chunky sound is perfect for palm-muted riffing
Basic Metal 2000A modern, high-gain metal machine
Basic StudioDirect-to-mixing-desk studio purity with clean, uncolored tonal response
Basic ChorusThe classic sound of 80s pop, with a touch of reverb
Basic DelayA basic delay sound to use as a foundation for your sound
Basic VibratoRecreation of the rotating-speaker sound used for 60s-inspired rock or classic electric blues
Basic PhaserLong-indispensable jetliner “whoosh” and swirl heard on countless recordings
Basic ShimmerSonically radiant combination of reverb and two-octave pitch shift
Basic TremoloClassic Fender “stuttering” photoresistor tremolo, from amps like the Twin Reverb
Basic OctaverDoubling the notes an octave below the main pitch adds girth to this sound
Dual ChorusA heavily chorused preset that makes the instrument sound 'wider'
Basic CleanA great place to start crafting your own presets
One Of These SolosThis classic lead tone features overdrive and reverb
SpoonfulStraight from the British blues boom, this gritty tone has a touch of reverb for depth
Wild NocturneThis crisp sound appears to swirl around the room, thanks to stereo tape delay
Meaner StreetsHigh gain rock sound that's great for hyper-speed boogies
Huckleberry JamminThis gritty sound has a touch of tape echo for classic country vibe
GA-15RVT WetIdeal for ambient washes, this preset features all verb, all the time
E Minor AvengerThis modern metal lead sound incorporates diatonic harmony a minor third above the main pitch
Pawn KingGreat for garage rock, this is the sound of an amp that's about to self-destruct
Pigs Can FlyA fuzzed out delay that's perfect for intricate rhythmic effects
Johnny Marr CleanJM's own preset starts out with a beautifully clean tone, then adds chorus and delay for movement
Tweed SugarThe slightly dirty sound of 1970s British rock & roll
EtherealDesigned for intricate arpeggio playing and anthemic pop, this tone is built around chorus and delay
ETIThis 70s-inspired hard rock tone uses a flanger to create a sense of movement
Nasty ChampIntended for slow-handed lead playing, this patch has some surprising alternate uses
School's OutThis sound is full of attitude, perfect for playing anti-authoritarian rock
Derek ChampIntended for slow-handed rhythm playing, this patch has some surprising alternate uses
Green CliffsThis smooth modern lead tone features classic stompbox flavor and tape delay
Loud As LeadsThe aggressive sound of an amp that's about to get a guitar pushed through it
LeadcommunicationThe sound of a small department-store amplifier being used to change the world
Country DeluxeThis all-purpose mostly-clean tone is great for chicken pickin'
The Evil BassmanDon't try to tame the raw power of this boosted Bassman, channel it for your own ends
Angry RodentBased on a classic stompbox, this preset is pure fuzzed-out bliss, great for alternative rock
JohnnymarrtremoloJM's own preset is great for driving chords that add drama to a song
Liquid SoloThis modern lead tone features delay for thickening
C Baritone CleanA unique pitch-lowered sound that's perfect for tic-tac bass playing
Doom HandThis boosted British amp sound is ideal for low end droning
EuropaThis lead sound has delay and phaser for movement and excitement
Aussie RockThe no-nonsense sound of rock from Down Under
Metal OctaveThis modern metal tone is titanic, thanks to the octave thickener
Neil DeluxeOverdriven rhythm sound from the Great White North
Touch Of ReverbThis punchy clean tone wears a touch of reverb
Purple FuzzThe sound that redefined the possibilities of the electric guitar
Cranked PrincetonA small amp, pushed into overdrive with singing sustain
Small ChampA surprisingly fat sound from a tiny amp
BoleroPerfect for bombastic lead playing, this fuzzy tone uses delay and reverb for more weight
Bassman SplashSurf-approved tone where the reverb tank is placed in front of the amp for dynamic response
Far Beyond DrivenRaw metal sound, as big as Texas
Supersonic BurnA swirling, phased sound that's great for metal leads
Black Hole VibeThis preset is ideal for shimmering, upper-register arpeggios
Super-Live AlbumThe fiery sound of sizzling tubes, with some delay to keep it interesting
Killer CortezAn overdriven "Arc welding" sound with tremolo, reverb and delay
British SteelThe classic sound of denim, studs and leather
Mick The HoopleFrom the streets of swingin' London, this is a perfect lead tone, with a hint of delay
MSG LeadHalf-cocked wah, chorus, echo and delay for liquid metal lead tone
Roy BluesStraight from the East Coast, this rocking sound can bring out a surprising amount of finesse in your playing
Pasadena's PhaserThe sound of a voltage-starved British amp, run through a phaser for thickening
Puppet MasterThis punchy rhythm sound is straight out of the arena
Rockabilly TrainIdeal for classic rhythm playing, this sound has a bit of echo
Twister LeadThis echoed, overdriven lead sound swirls like a tornado
What The FuzzPretend you're playing a synthesizer with this fuzzed-out and filtered tone
Juicy CleanThis extra-bright clean sound has a taste of modulated tape echo
Swirlin DiddyThis lush rhythm sound is perfect for alt rock
BuckarooThis is the classic country sound—clean, with a touch of compression to balance the strings
British InvasionThe almost-clean tone of mid '60s British Beat groups
Blues 1951A raw rhythm sound, straight from the streets of Chicago
Beck EndedThis delicate, delayed tone is perfect for emotional, lyrical leads
BlackmagickA smooth, Latin-flavored lead sound
CleanfunkThis funky sound incorporates a touch wah for extra coolness
DLX DriveAn overdrive pedal into a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp…perfect
DoubleTrackedPerfect for modern rock, this thick rhythm sound eliminates half the work of recording
Dirty JazzA thick, smooth sound that's warm enough to stave off the New York winter chill
EJStraight from South Texas, this articulate tone is perfect for singing leads
Early EddieThis preset is ideal for unleashing an eruption of guitar pyrotechnics
ExperiencedThis preset is designed for machine-gunning the audience with feedback
Gila MonsterA gritty sound, with a touch of reverb, that's perfect for driving into a desert sunset
Get LuckyThe million-selling sound of modern pop funk
Hold's WorthA liquid tone that's ideal for legato playing
Jazz CleanThis warm, clean tone stays out of the way of the music
Roots FunkA tight, punchy sound that gave birth to funk as we know it
Sun SessionPerfect for rockabilly, this sound uses tape echo for authenticity
White KeysThis modern garage rock sound goes great with a plastic guitar
Sco's FieldA refined lead sound
Rock CandyA cool twist on a classic rhythm sound
TakemealiveThis L.A. studio tone was used on countless hit records of the 1970s
Tremo-KillerThis warm, slightly psychedilc sound would be right at home in Haight-Ashbury
Your MomA powerful rhythmic sound that has a touch of Orange County atitude
BarracudaA sought-after 70s rhythm tone that uses a flanger for movement
Angelic ShimmerThis preset calls down the heavens with washes of relaxing ambience
Purple RainThere's no mistaking the tight, chorused sound of Minneapolis pop—ideal for funk-inspired rhythm playing


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