A new tap tempo feature has been added to Mustang GT’s delay and modulation effects (Firmware 2.0 and higher), allowing these effects to be synched to your preferred BPM rate.

To see the current BPM rate, press the TAP utility button once; the current BPM rate will appear in the DISPLAY WINDOW:


There are two modes for BPM—”global” and “preset”. “Global” mode applies a single BPM to all presets. In “preset” mode, each preset has its own BPM, which can be set individually per preset (the default rate is 120 BPM). To switch from one BPM mode to the other, press the bottom LAYER BUTTON corresponding to “mode: preset” or “mode: global” in the DISPLAY WINDOW; turn the ENCODER to adjust the BPM rate:




To synch an effect to the BPM rate, the user can set a specific “note division” for modulation and delay effects. When the note division is set, the time value is automatically calculated to fit with the current BPM setting. If the time parameter is changed, the note division is automatically set to “off”.

Note divisions values are off, whole note, half note, dotted half note, half note triplet, quarter note, dotted quarter note, quarter note triplet, eighth note, dotted eighth note, eighth note triplet, sixteenth note, dotted sixteenth note, sixteenth note triplet, thirty second note, dotted thirty second note and thirty second note triplet.

To set note divisions, go to the CONTROLS LAYER of the selected modulation or delay effect by pressing the corresponding bottom LAYER BUTTON. Use the ENCODER to scroll to and select “NOTE DIVISION” (abbreviated “DIV”); then turn and press the ENCODER to select a note division value:


If all note divisions are off and the BPM is set, BPM will correspond to rate of last delay or modulation effect in the signal path.