Cover Genius FAQ:

Q: What is the main difference between the Manufacturer’s Warranty and the Service Agreement?
A: Parts and services covered during the manufacturer’s warranty period are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Please review Your manufacturer’s warranty to fully understand your coverage.

The service agreement provides additional benefits such as accidental damage from handling that enhances the manufacturer’s limited warranty for the duration of the plan term but does not replace the limited manufacturer’s warranty. The Service Agreement will also provide parts and labor coverage for electrical and mechanical breakdown after the manufacturer’s limited warranty expires for the remainder of the plan term. 

Q: What if my instrument is stolen, is it covered?
A: The agreement does not cover external causes of any kind, including third party actions. So fire; theft; insects; animals; exposure to weather; windstorm; sand; dirt; hail; earthquake; flood; water; acts of God, invasion; rebellion; riot; strike; labor disturbance; lockout; or civil commotion will not be covered by your agreement. A complete list of exclusions can be found here:
 Q: Is cosmetic damage covered by the warranty
A: Cosmetic damage that does not impair the function of the product is not covered by the extended coverage. If you purchased a plan that includes Accidental Damage from Handling, damage to the product that impairs the function resulting from accidental drops, spills, & falls are covered. Please see the complete terms and conditions for details. 
Q: Will the coverage cover the loss of any earned income resulting from a faulty unit?
A: The agreement does not cover any loss of use or income during the period that the Covered Product is at an Authorized Service Center or awaiting parts.
Q: How do I submit a claim?
A: You can file a claim directly through XCover. The exact link can be found in the email sent to you after you purchase your XCover Protection Plan.
Q: If I decide I no longer want the extended coverage, can I cancel and obtain a refund?
A: You may cancel this Service Agreement at any time and for any reason, including the Covered Product being sold, lost, stolen, or destroyed. Please contact Fender for a refund. Plans are cancelable for 100% refund within the first 30 days, but subject to pro rata refund after that. See terms and conditions for details.
Q: Are any replacements issued also covered under the original contract, or only the originally purchased item?
A: If Your Covered Product is replaced by the manufacturer, your replacement device will become the Covered Product under this Agreement, provided You contact Us and the Administrator to provide the serial number and any other information requested so that We can properly identify the new product as the Covered Product.

If the product is replaced by XCover, then the plan has been fulfilled and a new XCover plan will need to be purchased

Q: Will Cover Genius allow me to use my preferred repair facility for any repairs?
A: All repairs must be completed through a Fender Authorized Service Center.
Q: Is the coverage transferable if I decide to sell my covered item?
A: Yes. This Agreement is transferable by the original purchaser for the balance of the original term and requires no transfer fee. Please see your agreement for details.
Q: I use my gear professionally. Is this covered by the agreement?
A: The Covered product must be manufactured specifically for Commercial use and include a manufacturer’s warranty to be eligible for coverage.