Fender Switchboard Effects Operator Firmware Updates
Version Information 1/23/2024
Switchboard Firmware Updater -
Mac – v1.3.2 download link
PC – v1.3.2 download link

Release Notes
  • Momentary footswitch option added to Preset Editor
  • Fixed bug in Bank 100 Preset 1

Firmware Update Procedure
See Firmware Update Instruction Guide for additional information.
  1. Download the latest update at the top of this article.
  2. Run the Switchboard Firmware Updater app.
  3. Connect the Switchboard to your computer using a USB-C data cable.
  4. Power on the Switchboard by connecting the 9VDC power supply.
  5. Click the Scan button inside of the app. Your “Switchboard” should appear in the DEVICE box.
  6. Click Start.
  7. The update will begin, and the progress bar display during the update.
  8. When complete, the Switchboard will reboot and update the software and the app progress bar will state Update Complete