Fender Tone Master Pro Firmware and Pro Control App Updates  

Version Information 11/20/2023 

Pro Control App and Windows ASIO Driver- 

Pro Control App system requirements: 

- macOS Monterey 12.7 or later 

- Windows 10 (x64) 22H2 or later 

- Windows 11 

Release Notes 

  • Tone Master Pro Firmware Update 

  • Desktop Pro Control App update 

  • Product Enhancements 

  • Significant improvement of touch screen response – larger touch zones   

  • Setlist View interface and performance improvements 

  • Bugs Fixed 

  • Flanger Mod Rate now responds to TAP Tempo   

  • Reverse delay volume drop  

  • FX Loop 2 now loads in enabled state  

  • Latency improvements for parallel signal path types   

  • Reduced Round Fuzz Germanium gain  

  • Spillover now on for all reverb effects by default   

  • FX Loop 3 and 4 audition audio loads correctly   

  • Aux In now muted when disconnected to alleviate potential noise 

  • Loading a preset with the Jubilee amp no longer causes audio to ramp up  

  • Last used preset now loads when powering unit up 

  • Global tempo now saved after restart 

  • Midi Clock Bug fixes  

  • Known Issues 

  • Changing mic on standalone cab returns to cab selection screen instead of cab edit screen 

Firmware Update Procedure 

See Firmware Update Instruction Guide for additional information. 

  1. Download the latest firmware at the top of this article. 

  1. Connect Tone Master Pro to computer via included USB-C cable. 

  1. Hold down firmware update button for 10 seconds while powering on. 

  1. Tone Master Pro will display “USB Firmware Update Mode” screen. 

  1. Drag and drop firmware update file (“.img” file) onto “FENDER_AMP” mounted drive on your computer. 

  1. Tone Master Pro will display “Applying Updates” screenDo not power off until update is complete. 

  1. Tone Master Pro will display “Update Complete” screen once the firmware update is completeRestart Tone Master Pro and enjoy! 

The note below is only for users who have firmware version lower than v1.1.100 on their TMPIf you have v1.1.100 or higher installed, please disregard the following. 

NOTE: After you install the firmware update, we strongly recommend you perform a Factory Reset if this is the first time you are updating. The Factory Reset is in the Global Settings (Gear) menu under User PreferencesPlease note Factory Reset WILL erase all presets and settings and will load additional Factory Presets into the MY PRESETS folder.