How can I find out when my old Fender® banjo was manufactured?


While our records are not complete enough to provide precise dating information on the earliest Fender banjos of the 1960s, the table below has been researched as thoroughly and accurately as possible. The information in it was acquired by searching through archives of old Fender price lists and catalogs, beginning with 1968.

This guide can help you determine the approximate age of your older Fender banjo, what the price range was during its years of production and what it sold for in the last year it was available.

F1080 (Tenor) 1969-1973 $99
F1085 1969-1973 $102
Allegro 5-String Extra-Long Neck 1967-1974 $295
Allegro 5-String Bluegrass 1967-1978 $375
Allegro Folk 1967-1976 $360
Allegro Plectrum 1967-1976 $460
Allegro Tenor 1967-1976 $460
Artist 5-String Extra-Long Neck 1967-1976 $375
Artist 5-String Bluegrass 1967-1979 $1,325
Artist Folk 1967-1976 $580
Artist Plectrum 1967-1976 $680
Artist Tenor 1967-1976 $680
Concert Tone Plectrum 1967-1976 $1,210
Concert Tone Tenor 1967-1976 $2,050
Concert Tone Custom 1968-1976 $2,050 (and up)
Concert Tone 5-String Bluegrass 1977-1986 $1,360
Leo Bluegrass 1979-1986
Leo Deluxe 1979-1986 $850
Leo Gold Bluegrass 1981-1986 $1,350