How can I check on the status of the order I made with a Fender Dealer?

While Fender appreciates your patience while waiting to receive your order, unfortunately, there's no way for Fender to directly check the status of an order for a specific individual. Dealer orders in Fender's system contain no individual consumer information that would identify a specific order as belonging to a specific customer.

Further, since all Fender dealers have confidential private accounts with Fender, it would be unethical for FMIC to breach confidentiality by sharing private dealer/FMIC transaction information with individual consumers. To make an analogy, if a stranger asked your bank for a look at your private transactions, you would doubtless consider the release of any proprietary information to anyone who's not the account holder unethical. The same holds is for dealers holding accounts with Fender.

Fender apologizes if you've received misinformation instructing you to contact FMIC directly for availability info. The best and fastest way to get updates on order status is to contact the dealer with whom you placed your order and ask them to contact their Fender inside sales representative for a status update.